Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All good things are worth fighting for

Aren’t they? What about yourself? Would you fight yourself for yourself? Does that mess your head up? Today thats exactly what I plan to do.

I long to walk in the freedom Jesus paid for me. Freedom from unforgiveness & a quick temper. The freedom from selfishness & foolish thinking. The freedom to walk an uninhibited life of praise with hope gleaming from every pore of my body.

Although I’m well aware I certainly don’t have to earn this freedom, I do have to fight for it. I have to fight my own stinkin self. Oh Self, why don’t you get it? Flesh, why must you always think you have a better way, a better plan? Why must you be so weak? So naive & immature? After all the Spirit has showed you, all the truth?

I imagine my flesh responding like this: “Hey, I’m a tornado of death. I like to tear up everything you try to build because thats what I know how to do. I don’t have great reason or thinking & I know I’m in bondage but thats what I’m used to. Although sometimes it sucks, its comfortable. I don’t like change. I don’t want to change. Selfishness comes easy to me & since I’m good at it, shouldn’t I just keep on doing what I’m good at? By the way, leave me the heck alone in my own misery. I don’t bother you.”

Oh but flesh, thats where you have it wrong. You do very much bother me. Today I will pull out my huge sword and fight you. I will fight you every day over & over until your submissiveness is evident in every area of my being. I will fight you because I don’t have to believe and live your lies. I don’t have to accept you just because you’ve been part of me my whole life. I don’t have to walk in bondage because its what I’ve learned and what I’ve known. I refuse to stay the same. I have bad news for you flesh. My Spirit is led into battle by the Lord, and the TRUTH, the Word of God, says He wins in the end. You may have some good days. There may be some battles you win. I know you have won many in the past, but I will not give up. I will not give in.

Let me give you a sneak peak at how I will fight you. I will fight you with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. I will speak out the Truth over my life whether I see that Truth manifesting or not. I will not be deceived by my flesh eyes that say: “Where is the blessing? Where is the healing? Where is the evidence? I don’t see it.” I don’t listen to those eyes because they cannot see what the Spirit can. Faith is the assurance of all those things I hope for, faith is my evidence of what my eyes can’t see. I will fight you flesh, with praise. I will praise God with songs even if I don’t feel like praising. I will not live by my emotions because they fight on your side, flesh. Although I’m thankful for them, they typically choose you & I can’t trust them. They are a traitor of sorts, so unless my Spirit discerns they are useful at any given time, I will not trust them or rely on them for Truth.

So flesh, get ready. We battle every day but today you will lose. You will lose again and again until you rarely fight because you are so submissive to the Spirit. I don’t need your input. You won’t last. I am worth fighting for & you are my biggest enemy. Bring the ruckus. :)